Services Offered by House Painting Contractors


A trades person that is responsible for the painting and decoration of buildings is referred to as a house painter. A decorator is the other name of a house painter since they are involved in the decoration of buildings too. Painting is done due to the following purposes which include; protection from damage of water, rust, insect, mold and corrosion and the other reason is to improve the appearance. A certain procedure is followed in painting a house. Tips and guidelines need to be followed through before painting a house. Several tips have been outlined which include; ; choosing the right time of year, cleaning the surface of the house, removing any defective paint, making necessary repairs among others.

A hot or a cold weather can ruin a paint and thus it important to know when to choose the right time of the year. The next tip is cleaning the surface of the house so as to remove dirt by using the warm soapy water and a wire to brush. Paint flecks and stubborn dirt are removed by using a power washer which is the other method of cleaning aside from use of warm soapy water and a wire to brush. In the cleaning process also washing is started from top to bottom giving the house adequate time to dry thoroughly. Removal of defective paint is  followed after the cleaning process especially those that are chipped, blistered or loose.

When the defective paint is not removed the fresh paint is prevented from adhering to the house or building. Removal of defective paint is done using a paint scrapper which is then followed by power sand or sand paper that is wrapped around wooden block which can be used in both smooth and rough surfaces. Heavy old paint deposits are removed using an electric paint remover from Toms River residential painter which melts the paint and then pulls it down. After removing any defective paint then necessary repairs need to be made before proceeding to paint the house. Inspection of the house is done by walking around the periphery of the house while looking for split shingles, siding rust, popped nails and mildew.

Split shingles are replaced, cracked siding are filled and sanded, as for rust its removed while mildew is scrubbed away these are the ways in which the various damages are rectified. Figuring the amount of paint to be used is followed after knowing the right time of year to paint, cleaning the surface of the house, removing any defective paint and making necessary repairs.

The importance of knowing the amount of paint one needs aids in the elimination of running out of paint halfway through. So as to know the amount of paint to use then the perimeter of the house is measured including the height of the house. Consult Tom River commercial painter to know more!


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